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Zodiac's Appearance!
Release Gaia-Net!
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Guyferd ep 17
Zodiac's Appearance!
Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
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Zodiac's Appearance! (ゾディアック登場!,   Zodiakku Tōjō!?) is the seventeenth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode begins with Rei Kujou reading a letter read in a woman's voice. Yuu Kujou soon enters the room and she quickly hides it. The two begin to discuss their adventures with Guyferd. They begin to talk about how scared and inept they were until Dr. Shiroishi made them their power accelerators. They then recount the end of the first half of the series by discussing the rescue and death of Masato Kazama. After this, they begin to discuss the rediscovery of Crown under Zodiac. When they have discussed every enemy they have defeated, Gou Kazama and Takeo Shiroishi return with groceries. Yuu begins to analyze a Compact Disc from Crown, and they make an interesting discovery. Meanwhile, Zodiac is seen talking to a scientist. The scientist hands Zodiac a stone tablet and he begins to chant with it over an altar, revealed to be called Gaia-Net. The tablet begins to glow and the room fills with smoke. The silhouettes of the Metalferds can be seen in several wall alcoves and they are returned to life with modifications.



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