Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts

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Kadokawa Yokai Film
Along with Ghosts1
Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts
Directed by                   Produced by
Yoshiyuki Kuroda
Kimiyoshi Yasuda
John Ledford
Masaichi Nagata
Written by                       Music by  
Tetsuro Yoshida Michiaki Watanabe
Distributed by                       Rating      
DaieiJP Unrated
  Budget                           Box Office
¥???,???,??? ¥???,???,???
Running Time
78 minutes
(1 hour, 18 minutes)
Designs Used
To be added.

Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts (東海道お化け道中,   Tōkaidō Obake Dōchū?, lit. Tokaido Haunted Journey) is a 1969 tokusatsu film produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company, and the third installment in the Yokai Monsters series. The film was released to Japanese theaters on March 21, 1969.




Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Yoshiyuki Kuroda and Kimiyoshi Yasuda
  • Written by   Tetsuro Yoshida
  • Produced by   John Ledford and Masaichi Nagata
  • Executive Producing by   John Ledford
  • Music by   Michiaki Watanabe
  • Cinematography by   Hiroshi Imai


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Kojiro Hongo   as   Hyakasuro
  • Pepe Hozumi   as   Shinta
  • Masami Burukido   as   Miyo
  • Mutsuhiro   as   Toura Sakiichi
  • Yoshindo Yamaji   as   Higaruma
  • Bokuzen Hidari   as   Jinbei
  • Kazue Tamaki   as   ???



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