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Why Become A Sweets Angel?
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General Information
Directed by

Koichi Kawakita

Written by

Yoshio Urasawa

Production Information

Kawaii! JeNny

Episode number


Air date

October 1, 2007

Why Become A Sweets Angel? is the second episode of Kawaii! JeNny.


The episode opens with Jenny introducing herself to the viewer before going into a flashback to tell the story of how she became a Sweets Angel. She tells of a day when Jenny, Akira, and Nadesico are enjoying the cherry blossoms, when They notice a sign for a fashion model audition, and Akira insists that Jenny sign up. Meanwhile, the Bears insist that Sister B audition as well, which she almost goes through with before becoming disheartened by seeing Jenny in line and being convinced that She will lose to her. She then orders the Bears to remove Jenny from the line. They do so by convincing her that the auditions are being held on a nearby double bus, which happens to be the base of operations for the Sweets Angels. Inside they are scanned by Pappi, a robotic dog, and are contacted by Mr. Clown, who tells them that this is the audition for the Sweets Angels. The three have no interest, but Mr. Clown begs them to stay as they were the only ones who came to the audition. They threaten to sue, and he bribes them with refreshments. He proceeds to tell them of Sister B and the Bears. Sister B is meanwhile rejected from the model audition because she doesn't seem kind. The next day, the Sweets Angels are sick from overeating. In real time, Jenny complains about the life of a Sweets Angel, saying that they are often called out on missions while with friends, or while eating. She goes on to say that the worst part is receiving nothing in return for constantly defeating Sister B. Jenny then exclaims tat she has depressed herself, but quickly plans to remedy this with Udon and sleep.


Characters & Monsters

  • Jenny
  • Akira
  • Nadesico
  • Sister B

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