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Utsuno Ikusagami (ウツノイクサガミ?) is a warrior god created by Toho that first appeared in the 1994 Toho film, Yamato Takeru.


Heisei Series

Yamato Takeru

Lowering to the ground, in a sunburst of while light, Utsuno Ikusagami arrived. Holding the three legendary lights of Yamato, the humanoid giant contained in its massive frame the force of the universe. Orochi emerged to fight the warrior, and he began spraying his fire. Ikusagami activated his wings and brought up a shield to defend against Orochi's fire. Orochi continued to blast the shield until it exploded. Ikusagami charged at Orochi and managed to get a hold on one of his necks. Orochi fired all of his lasers, but Ikusagami retaliated by cutting off the head he was holding. Orochi backed off, and Ikusagami drew his sword. He started to decapitate the monster's heads and left him with only three. He threw a bolt of light at Orochi and continued to blast him with his laser until the monster exploded.


  • Ikusagami has the ability of flight.
  • Ikusagami can create Force Field Mirrors.
  • Ikusagami can hurl bolts of light.
  • Ikusagami can fire Sun Bolts from his forehead.
  • Ikusagami wields the Sword of Karasai.


Main article: Gallery:Utsuno Ikusagami.


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