Godzilla Ultamate Battles

I want to create my own Godzilla film. It would feature several new monsters and creatures.

Plot: Several monsters appear around the world and Godzilla, Destoroyah, Zombie Jiger, Chinese Dragon God and Ultraman Tiga go to defeat them. At the end they face Spacegodzilla and Gaint Destoroyah and after they defeat them they leave to go all over Earth.Monsters:

Godzilla (good)

Gezora (none)

Ultraman Tiga (good)

Varan (bad)

Zombie Jiger (good)

Jiger (bad)

Destoroyah (good)

Chinese Dragon God (good)

Zilla (bad)

The Crackler (bad)

Rubypole (bad)

Orga (bad)

Nano Monster (bad)

Spacegodzilla (bad)

SSSHGT2 (bad)

Gaint Destoroyah (bad)

If you think the movie sounds good, say so on my talk page.

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