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  • Xeno126

    so I heard about godzilla 2s comic con trailer Ghidorah will be massive mothra will be a non magical universe balancer thing and rodan will be a some what chaos bringer but on a bigger scale as he is there then he is not 

    AND THERE BETTER not be a intresting movie plot involving humans I think 2014 was okay and 1954esc but I see it as a failed attempt,also there better not be a tv scene like last time where they slap us while a muto and godzilla are fighting cause thats not cool man it's not.i also hope for more flash backs to the 1960s that would be intresting overall.Also if they bring in bigger actors please just don't kill the best actor within the start and make them flushed out 

    this is stuff 

    godzilla 3 should have (you insert monster …

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  • Xeno126

    WATCH IT NOW IN IMAX 3d this amzing film elevrate 60 years of the world s most awesome monster ALL HAIL THE KING

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  • Xeno126

    godzilla commercials

    May 8, 2014 by Xeno126

    As we all know Godzilla has been having a large ad campaign for example the snickers commercial and he has used multiple posters TONS of posters if you went to SF recently you would know. So what else could he advertise for well he does already have a car AD for a smart car which is ironic considering they are coffins on wheels. So why A ram commercial, or instead a Japanese commercial. No specifics just make sire its made in their style crazy. what other commercials would you want Godzilla to be in?

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  • Xeno126

    I saw a muto leg the Godzilla face the trail of destruction THIS WILL BE THE F***ING BEST REMAKE OF ALL LORDS TIME THANK YOU LEGANDARY SO MUCH TEN YEAR OF WAIT ON A side note where can I get Godzilla 1984 remake

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