It took me nearly three days of almost non-stop work but I finally completed the first of my in-depth articles on Godzilla In Hell, being the first issue or "Canto I" which can be read here:

A quick rundown is as follows:

1.) The Second Death

This section, extremely brief, just sort of breezes through the events leading up to Godzilla's death last year. The article is about Stokoe's issue so I didn't want to take too much time on this, especially since I've pretty much said all I need to say in my two Deathiversary series from this and last year.

2.) Vestibule

Not a numbered circle, and not a separate level, only being separated from Limbo by the river Acheron. This section takes a look at the publically released preview's pages, and the difficulty of transitioning from death to actual Hell, and how and why Godzilla is only making this journey just now. In it, I use the power of maths to calculate the height of the Abandon Tower to about 1350 meters.

3.) 1st Circle

Extremely short in the comic itself, this section looks at why Godzilla sees a city of impossible physics and a nuclear reactor instead of the seven-sided Castle of Philosophers. I also look at the meaning and purpose of the first demon Godzilla meets, whom I give the nickname "Minagalos" as it is a portmanteau of "Minos" and "M'Nagalah."

4.) 2nd Circle

Knowing that the cloud of souls in the 2nd Circle's famous perpetual storms is probably meant to be composed of the victims of Godzilla's rampages, I try and find a way that lust could still apply to Godzilla and rationalize the ineffectiveness of a cloud of souls who, thematically, should have much more power against Godzilla. Also there's a section about the Inferno of Gustave Dore and how his style has influenced not only Hell, but monster movies as well.

3.) 3rd Circle

The doppelganger demon is clearly a demon from the 3rd Circle, and this section looks into the design of Stokoe's Acheron, the importance of the concept of Godzilla clones on his guilt of gluttony (and greed), whether or not Minagalos' judgement actually mattered, and of course call back a deep cut and explain why Acheron taking the form of a beast and not a river is old news. I drew a lot of connections to greed here, but I'm unsure of where Eggleton's issue will start so for now I'm capping it off here.

For anyone interested in Godzilla, eschatology, or the nature of myth and what its purpose is, especially in the post-modern world, this will be worth a read. I will, of course, do this for every issue.