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    It took me nearly three days of almost non-stop work but I finally completed the first of my in-depth articles on Godzilla In Hell, being the first issue or "Canto I" which can be read here:

    A quick rundown is as follows:

    1.) The Second Death

    This section, extremely brief, just sort of breezes through the events leading up to Godzilla's death last year. The article is about Stokoe's issue so I didn't want to take too much time on this, especially since I've pretty much said all I need to say in my two Deathiversary series from this and last year.

    2.) Vestibule

    Not a numbered circle, and not a separate level, only being separated from Limbo by the river Acheron. This …

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  • Vertigoconquers

    So today I made my first edits here. The things I fixed were... silly. The article for The Godzilla Comic was written as if a 15-story anthology with even more artists was just one small lark of a story written in jest by Hurricane Ryu. The Godzilla Comic Raids Again's article had both the wrong title and the wrong release date. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how either of these things is possible.

    So I want to give folks a little tip for editing articles: check what Wikipedia says first. Yes, I know this wiki is it's own thing, but there are a number of places where Wikipedia has beaten this place to the punch and done its own research. Oftentimes the English Wikipedia makes a lots of mistakes too since it uses extremely unrelia…

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