(Sorry for my bad english, im German)

I have taken up this possibility again after I discovered two merchandise concepts here, which have been quite unnoticed. I would like to draw attention on it again.

I had some thougts and discussions about wiki merchandise a few months ago for the German Godzilla-Wiki, but it could be unlikely that the Toho gives the license to produce something like that. I've been thinking of asking the Toho for the license. But this isn't very implausible. This would be an easy money source.

The Wikizilla maybe needs no license, because the full name of Godzilla isn't needed just like the shape of Godzilla. (Here --> you can see some concepts in the comment section.)

Perhaps the Toho makes an exception for the wikis and gives the license for free, since the wikis are a good kind of advertising and an uphold for the Godzilla-fanbase and -community. It could be enough to them if they get some of the resulting profit caused by the sell.

There are some websites that allow to make an own online-shop and print and send on order, there would be no storing or something like that. Some youtubers do that too. A part of the income goes to the website, another one to the Toho and the rest ... to the bureaucrats or so, which pay to other sites for advertising, whatever. And there will be no advertising on the wiki, not more than product placement. : P

What is your opinion about this?