Godzilla vs. Biollante= uminadi movie?
Godzilla vs biollante poster

Lock Closetely at the poster of the movie (sorry for my bad englisch, me no englisch, I is Germany)

I recognize the pyramid with the all-seeing eye and a pentagram that his negative energy is concentrated in the center, on the eye.

And in any video to Illuminati stuff in Jurassic Park, it was said that the devil in hell created his own creatures, as the evil Illuminati do it today or try, at least they promote it. So is Dr. Shiragami probably representing the devil? And Biollante is a vicious creature? And in the Bible all evil men and "unclean" animals (gene experiments?) were killed by a giant flood and only good humans and animals with "pure" DNA were saved by the ark. But the films ending is different, Biollante is flying up the sky as her body dissolves.

In addition Godzilla seems probably to represent the Illuminati, while Biollante perhaps represents God. Unlike the Illuminati, whose eyes must be worn by the rest of the pyramid in the most representations of the Illuminati-pyramid, the eye of God normally always floats above the rest of the pyramid and so on, it can be powerful without the people. So there are two eyes in the picture, God's eye (Biollantes mouth, center of the big rose) and the Illuminati's eye (Godzilla's eye/head).


Gods eye, the pyramid, Godzilla's head as the top of the illuminati pyramid, the pentagram concentrating its negative energy on the eye of God, three pillars of the freemason temple in the background

And in the Background you can see three pillars of the freemason temple.


Im not an too big expert on this theme and i haven't found something on the internet about this poster relating to the hidden symbols. Can you tell more about it? This is very interesting.

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Godzilla-vs-Biollante-Rose-in-Orbit thumb

And then we have this scene; Earth and Biollante / the all-seeing Eye / Mars


Edit: And then there is one of the martian symbols. It is said that the martians did genetic experiments. Biollante is maybe representing Mars in this space-scene above. After her death/disappeareance on earth, she almost looks like Mars after it got destroyed; completely red


The martian symbol in Mars Attacks!