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    August 8, 2016 by Varanopode

    In my opinion, articles about individual combat vehicles and weapons should be greatly reduced.


    Since this wiki turned into a general kaiju wiki, where would it end when we have tons of articles about vehicles from every single kaiju movie?

    Maybe they could be summed up in a few general articles, like "planes", "ships", "tanks" ...

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  • Varanopode

    As you can read here, Barry's Temple Of Godzilla from 1995 is the first Godzilla website and needs an article. Of course it must be checked if there is an older one.

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  • Varanopode

    Wiki Merchandise

    July 10, 2016 by Varanopode

    I have taken up this possibility again after I discovered two merchandise concepts here, which have been quite unnoticed. I would like to draw attention on it again.

    I had some thougts and discussions about wiki merchandise a few months ago for the German Godzilla-Wiki, but it could be unlikely that the Toho gives the license to produce something like that. I've been thinking of asking the Toho for the license. But this isn't very implausible. This would be an easy money source.

    The Wikizilla maybe needs no license, because the full name of Godzilla isn't needed just like the shape of Godzilla. (Here --> you can see some concepts in the comment section.)

    Perhaps the Toho makes an exception for the wiki…

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  • Varanopode

    I eat you

    June 5, 2016 by Varanopode

    Vote for King Ghidorah, comrades! King Ghidorah must win!

    King Ghidorah vs. The Bewilder Beast

    The poll in the German Draogn Wiki:

    Arena: The Lost World

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    April 12, 2016 by Varanopode


    Godzilla vs. Biollante= uminadi movie?

    Lock Closetely at the poster of the movie (sorry for my bad englisch, me no englisch, I is Germany)

    I recognize the pyramid with the all-seeing eye and a pentagram that his negative energy is concentrated in the center, on the eye.

    And in any video to Illuminati stuff in Jurassic Park, it was said that the devil in hell created his own creatures, as the evil Illuminati do it today or try, at least they promote it. So is Dr. Shiragami probably representing the devil? And Biollante is a vicious creature? And in the Bible all evil men and "unclean" animals (gene experiments?) were killed by a giant fl…

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