Oh Hello!I'm guessing your actually nice enough to read my article,not that i'm saying your rude,but anyways welcome to "The New Godzilla Movie"(A Theory).

So,today I was studying Godzilla and no not for a school project,while I was studying him I came up and saw a image of Muto(All Copyrights to "New Grounds" for image,in images it did not say it was copyrighted,but just in case ill say it anyways)when I saw Muto I was thinking about Mothra also then....This happened to my mind..What if...Muto has been in some of the older movies...I was thinking..Mothra is Muto....I was thinking No No,I must do research to think if that is true...So I looked up what is Muto and it said his species was a kind of a Prehistoric Parasite..I was getting more into the theory that they were the same character....Because Mothra was a Divine Moth and a Moth is a Insect,they are alike,and then something came to my mind that was unnatural..either Mothra dug under ground somehow and went into chrysalis form and become Muto....Or Mothra mated with something and put eggs underground...then I thought if Mothra somehow did mate with something and put the eggs underground....What could it of been?

I started looking at all of the Godzilla Monsters.....I saw "Monster X" And looked at his form of character....It started doing more research on his body I was surprised....Monster X's back of his head(The Skull)Looks like Muto's..and if they mated it makes sense,the back of the head the wings that mothra has the mouth that Monster X has The Red Eyes Monster X has,That made me think...Maybe in the next Godzilla movie...Will there be a baby of Muto somehow and that Muto Mated with something....But my head was still stuck inside Mothra And Monster X's baby form if they did mate...and if they did have a baby....I might make a new one about this explaining more later but i'm gonna do more research for now...

Monster X-0
Mothra S.O.S