Pivot Kaiju stks/Animations

Introduction: I wanted to make this blog, just to share some of my pivot stk figures, relating to the big G. I saw several people do this, so I decided to go for it. I have been making kaiju pivots since the age of 10 and I've come a long way.

Below is a comparison between to stk figures I've done. One old, one new. The older one can be found on


Meka Goji(made in 2011)


MosuGoji(made in 2014)


Also, here's an animation with my Mosu Goji and Gorosaurus.

I could of done much better though.    

Godzilla vs Gorosaurus test

Godzilla vs Gorosaurus test

To see more, check my youtube channel out, Dinomorph3000

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