Hey wikizilla! I've been writing a story and movie script for a sci fi daikaiju movie that I wanted to send off to Legendary and Warner Bros. The story and script are already copyrighted but I don't know which director to ask to do this movie for me. I've been thinking about asking James Cameron if he could do it but I think he is working on the Avatar sequels.

Any way the name of this story is called Trougera. Its about how after WW2{in Japan} a few scientists discover a new species of creature. They then decide to call the new species "daikaiju species." There are three species though. They are the dinosaur daikaiju, Insect daikaiju, and reptilian daikaiju. So ever since then daikaiju have been appearing in the U.S and Japan. they evolve and start to get bigger! they then begin to attack major U.S and Japanese cities. But in Japan another daikaiju was their main problem. They call it the rogue{Not the real name} After the brutal devastations the two countries military forces would gather almost every day thinking of a way on how to get rid of the daikaiju. The General Of Japan, General Otonashi decides that he should lure the dinosaur daikaiju {Trougera} into one of Japan's cities to fight the "rogue" when ever it appears again. The to goverments thought hat it was crazy but agreed. This is mostly what its about. If I have a chance I might upload the whole plot.

So if you know any great sci fi directors please tell me.