aka FR

  • I live in 1513 Michigan Avenue in Palm Harbor, Florida
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Andrew William Warkenthein
  • I am male
  • Twoheadedgator

    Stop Google+. Please.

    November 17, 2013 by Twoheadedgator

    Stop Google+ and sign this petition if you have a heart plz.

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  • Twoheadedgator


    November 1, 2013 by Twoheadedgator

    |image = Wolfmanvs16.jpeg |caption = Wolfman |species = Cyborg Werewolf |alias = That guy |origin = Cyborg Werewolf |abilites = Unknown |weight = Un-measured |hieght = Un-measured |first appearance = Gammera the Invincible |last appearance = Godzilla vs. King Kong |allies = Destoroyah |enemies = Servopent}}

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  • Twoheadedgator

    You are King Ghidorah, rampaging through Hong Kong. You either fly right or you fly... Work in progress

    I've noticed most of you don't know how to play. The left and right clicks is a link to play.

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  • Twoheadedgator

    I'm back Baby!

    October 18, 2013 by Twoheadedgator

    Hey guys! I'm back! 

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  • Twoheadedgator

    Godzilla: The game!

    September 21, 2013 by Twoheadedgator

    Your Godzilla and you have to destroy the town. You go Left or Right. If you guys want a sequel playing as King Ghidorah let me know.

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