I feel it is necessary to share these events with you

Because of the outcomes of our negotiations with the Admins of the Tokupedia, their violation of the initial agreement for the Ultraman Wiki to join their hub, and their failure to act properly with insubordinate Admins, the outcome has been our removal from the Tokupedia, which we believe was two days ago when they started changing links on the hub to their new wiki, even though it seems the plan for our removal has been in progress for several months.

And as for Jammer, Digi, and Digifiend, they have been blocked on our wiki for the actions they have taken; false accusations with no proof, consenting to plagiarism, outright stating they had no intention to answer questions or show proof to help the matter even though they knowingly kept the content on their wiki, and hiding the facts they have ie; blocked conversations, deleted messages, and removed our content from their mirrored wiki only after we had contacted them and the wikia community, and Dchallofjustice with whom we had made our original agreement to join the hub. Failure on his and Aldo the Fox’s part to reprimand these admins has caused concern for us and for the other wikis who may want to join them in the future, who we fear will have to endure similar unprofessional and immature admin ship. We really feel we all need to make the wiki community better, which is why we have invested interest to answer any and all questions concerning the actions of the Tokupedia admins.

Sincerely, Tsuru23, Founder of Ultraman Wiki

PS: This is a link... [1] to the new wiki that shows the plagiarism by the Toku hub, certified by the Wiki Staff.