Wikizilla Mascot Submissions!

SUBMISSIONS ARE OVER -- VOTE HERE: User blog:Titanollante/VOTE!!!

Submit your own monsters for the possibility of it getting becoming Wikizilla's mascot in the comments section below!

Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • This monster has to be exclusively for Wikizilla. This means that you can't use a character you already created, like for example, me using Servopent, who is already in CKC.
  • Original monsters only. This means they cannot be directly based on an existing character. For example, you "creating" a, say, "Godzilla 3054," or a character who evolved from the Godzillasaurus or something. You can also not have something like King Godzilla. So no trying to submit a sort of "Titanollante..." You CAN have design elements from other monsters however, and if they shapeshift, they can shapeshift into any monster you please.
  • They cannot be a non-kaiju. So dragons, dinosaurs, regular animals, and regular humans are not going to be accepted. Kaijin are OK as long as they're not explicitly humans/Frankenstein rip-offs. Also nothing like Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. Try more Zone Fighter / Godman.
  • The monster REQUIRES a design. If you can't draw one, I'll draw one for you.
  • Your monster doesn't require a story or faction or anything of the like, but it's accepted.
  • ONLY 1 SUBMISSION PER USER. You can change your submission until the deadline.

DEADLINE: April 18, 2015 [Saturday] 11:59 PM Central Standard Time

Now, let's begin! Good luck!

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