The Return of Wikizilla's YouTube

Thanks to the PS4's extremely helpful "Share" feature, I can upload Godzilla: The Game gameplay directly to Wikizilla's YouTube channel... (link here)

This means... it's the return of Wikizilla's YouTube channel!! After a year or two of inactivity, it's back. And it'll stay that way for a while, until I run out of things from GODZILLA THE GAME to record. After that I may start making some other kinds of videos, or not at all. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY need to learn Japanese. Like, not even. I need to learn Japanese words and kanji, to stop being lazy. But I keep finding excuses not to do it!! First playing Smash Bros., then revisiting TimeSplitters, then replaying Pokémon, then doing some secret work of my own... and now Godzilla: The Game!! I'm just too lazy and give up way too easily, no matter how strong my will is, my laziness shatters my will and I just don't do it...

Well anyways, this is me signing off!

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