So, in the last blog we decided to open up the site to all kaiju content. For now, we've been tentatively renamed Monsterpedia, which could possibly be the name that sticks anyways. We have a couple of options however:

We could name the new site one of the following things, and the URL will be changed to sort of reflect that. Choose one, or come up with one.

  • Monsterpedia
  • Kaijupedia
  • Kaiju Database
  • Kaiju Wiki (merge with the Kaiju Wiki)
  • Monster Wiki (merge with the Monster Wiki)
  • Giant Monster Wiki
  • Wikaiju
  • Daikaijupedia

This is really just a popularity contest. So, vote in a comment below. You can vote for more than 1 name. Things with only 1 vote will not be counted...

[ List of votes: ] [ Monsterpedia: 7 ] [ Kaiju Wiki: 8 ] [ Kaijupedia: 15 ] [ Kaiju Database: 8 ] [ Wikaiju: 2 ] [ Daikaijupedia: 4 ]


Votes so far