According to the Lost Media Wiki, there was a South Korean version of Pulgasari that was released in 1962. Unfortunately, the movie is almost completely lost, save for one, possibly legit/fake, poster.
Pulgarsari 1962

The poster. Note the really crappy-looking Pulgasari.

What do you guys think? We have very little information to work with, so it's hard to confirm the legitimacy of this film. I dunno. Should we make an article about this thing?



Found more info (thanks LMW).

The OP in this thread is the first person to bring this film to light.

And this link leads to the Korean Film Archive, which gives us quite a bit of info on the staff of the film, and also gives us a synopsis of the plot:

"During the later years of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), a talented martial artist is murdered. His resentment makes him born again as Bulgasari, a monster that grinds and eats up iron. The monster takes his revenge on the traitors responsible for his death."

Update: I tried to look up the names of the people listed in the Korean Film Archive, but all I can find are K-Pop stars who just-so-happen to have similar names. So, either the Korean Film Archive is making a massive mistake by listing people who haven't even been born yet, these actors are massive no-names, they never existed in the first place, or they have been completely forgotten. Hell, even the production company doesn't appear to exist! 'Nor the opening theater!

Update: I found the production company(Kwang-Seong Films)'s IMDB page, however, they only have one film listed, and it's not Pulgasari.

The movie listed, Jean Valjean, was released in 1961, a year before the supposed Pulgasari movie. This means we have an idea of when they were active. It's very much possible that IMDB hasn't listed the rest of their films, and they've made several others during the 1961 timeframe. One would come to the conclusion that this production company lasted long enough to make it to 1962 and make Pulgasari.