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  • Thegoldnguy

    Meanwhile, in good 'ol Japan, there's an upcoming video game for the PS Vita and PS4 called City Shrouded in Shadow. It's a game where you play the role of a citizen trying to escape a kaiju attack, and it looks pretty interesting, but that's not what I'm here to say.

    It's been confirmed that Ultraman himself will be making an appearance in the game. Not only that, but at the end of a teaser trailer a foot belonging to everyone's favorite nuclear dinosaur shows up.

    If the foot really does belong to him, should we consider adding an article about the game?



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  • Thegoldnguy

    After the rather mixed reception of Godzilla: The Game, it seemed rather unlikely that there would be a sequel. However, it managed to get a decent amount of profit so a sequel is entirely possible.

    What do you want out of a possible sequel that fixes most of the issues? Personally, I want more mission objectives so it doesn't feel like you're playing the same first hour over and over again, as well as better character balancing (admit it, SpaceGodzilla is SpaceGarbage-tier, even though he should be stronger). Among other things.

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  • Thegoldnguy

    According to the Lost Media Wiki, there was a South Korean version of Pulgasari that was released in 1962. Unfortunately, the movie is almost completely lost, save for one, possibly legit/fake, poster. What do you guys think? We have very little information to work with, so it's hard to confirm the legitimacy of this film. I dunno. Should we make an article about this thing?



    Found more info (thanks LMW).

    The OP in this thread is the first person to bring this film to light.

    And this link leads to the Korean Fil…

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  • Thegoldnguy

    Annnd it's back!

    October 5, 2015 by Thegoldnguy

    Let's hope this never happens again.

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  • Thegoldnguy

    How did they screw this up?!

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