So, recently I've been digging around and discovered a gigantic toy line that probably deserves a page here. I've known for a long time that the infobox images we used for Legion and Iris were actually toys, but I just now got around to fixing it. I've always been curious what toy line they were from, and now I found out that they are part of the "SF Movie Selection" by Konami. It's apparently an absolutely massive toy line that covers everything from kaiju films to the Alien films to Star Trek. Each different franchise has multiple "volumes," which consist of six or so figures. The Gamera series has had several volumes, and there are a lot of other ones that just include tons of other kaiju like Gappa, Daimajin, and Guilala to name a few.

The Gamera lines are pretty interesting, since as we know one of the volumes actually has its figures sometimes mistaken as actual images of the monsters. Our page Gamera: The Brave (Konami Toy Line) is actually one of these volumes. From what I've gathered, there are at least three Gamera volumes. Volume 1 includes Gamera 1999, Flying Gamera 1999, Gyaos 1995, Mother Legion, Soldier Legion, and Iris. Volume 2 includes all radically redesigned and updated Showa kaiju: Gamera 1965, Gyaos 1967, Space Gyaos, Guiron, Barugon, Viras, Jiger, and Zigra. The Gamera: The Brave volume includes Avant Gamera, Red Gamera, Baby Toto, Adult Toto, Zedus, and Original Gyaos.

The reason I made this blog is because I'm having a hell of a time figuring out things about this toy line. I'm not exactly sure on what these figures are. They seem to be randomly packaged and sold individually. I'm seeing multiple different box designs for Volume 1., one is called SF Movie Selection Giant Monster Gamera Vol. 1, and the other is SF Movie Selection Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe. I'm not sure if they are in fact the same volume (they seem to be), and if they are variants or re-releases of each other. The Gamera: The Brave line doesn't seem to be numbered and just includes the film's title. Then there's also the tons of kaiju volumes that include obscure kaiju and yokai (some of which I can't identify) along with some Gamera kaiju, including Baby Iris and Baby Barugon. I think we need to make a page just called SF Movie Selection (Konami Toy Line) and include all of the volumes that include kaiju that are documented on this site. The problem is, this is a lot of information that I'm still not clear on and I highly doubt I can do it alone. So, if anyone wants to help me get the details about the line straight and identify some of the yokai that are featured in volumes along with Daimajin very frequently, I would appreciate the help.