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  • The King of the Monsters

    Interestingly, I came across these images on Japanese Twitter. According to the poster, they're from a comic called "24 Hours of Godzilla" illustrated by Hurricane Ryu Hariken in TV Magazine in August 1983. Apparently, it's supposed to show the daily life of Godzilla on Monster Island, where he raises his son and interacts with his monster neighbors. Most interesting though, is that it clearly depicts Godzilla eating a whale (a very large whale, at that). Going by what the poster says, this pre-dates the suggestion that Godzilla's species eats whales from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. I just thought this was interesting, plus it suggests that the Showa Godzilla is in fact a carnivore to some extent.

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  • The King of the Monsters

    I stumbled upon pictures of a Godzilla-themed mini merry-go-round, which features Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra larva, and Mothra Leo.

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  • The King of the Monsters

    So, recently I've been digging around and discovered a gigantic toy line that probably deserves a page here. I've known for a long time that the infobox images we used for Legion and Iris were actually toys, but I just now got around to fixing it. I've always been curious what toy line they were from, and now I found out that they are part of the "SF Movie Selection" by Konami. It's apparently an absolutely massive toy line that covers everything from kaiju films to the Alien films to Star Trek. Each different franchise has multiple "volumes," which consist of six or so figures. The Gamera series has had several volumes, and there are a lot of other ones that just include tons of other kaiju like Gappa, Daimajin, and Guilala to name a few.


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  • The King of the Monsters

    Here's a list of known songs that still need pages on the wiki. If we could find the lyrics for them, then making the pages will be simple.

    • Call Happiness, from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
    • Tell Me Once Again, from Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
    • Susume! Gojirando, the opening theme from the Godzilland OVAs
    • Godzilla Gymnastics, from Godzilland
    • Eternal Love, from Gamera: The Brave
    • Now and Forever, from Rebirth of Mothra II
    • Future, from Rebirth of Mothra III
    • Kuru ka Yokai, from Go! Ushiwaka Koujirou

    There is also a Japanese version of Blue Oyster Cult's Godzilla song, which means we could add the lyrics to the page for the song. If anyone can find the actual lyrics, that would be great.

    Also, if anyone thinks of more songs that we should add, mention them so t…

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  • The King of the Monsters

    So I've been doing some digging around on the Japanese internet, and I've discovered that Godzilland actually originated as a merchandise line from the 1980's, and the TV show was more of just an adaptation of it. But even more interesting, a book called "ゴジラ・ガメラ大怪獣," or Godzilla Gamera Daikaiju, was published in 1984, and features illustrations of both chibi Godzilla and Gamera kaiju done by the Godzilland artist. This means that there was in fact a piece of media featuring both Godzilla and Gamera together.

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