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  • The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

    I've been wanting to do this for a while now, just to see how it would look. Here it is. Every Navbox I could find.

    I feel like this would look way cooler if they all had the hide function.

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  • The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

    So I was watching Sanford and Son yesterday and one of the characters (Fred) was trying to avoid the topic of conversation, so he starts to talk about how he saw a new horror movie at the theater and described it as:

    "The Daughter of Godzilla meets the Son of King Kong,and they fall in love and get married. They go to Niagra falls and drink it."

    Am I the only one who would pay to see this concept realized?

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  • The Boy Who Cried Godzilla


    October 31, 2015 by The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

    does anyone know anyone who would be willing to put subtitles on a 26 episode series? I... really need them. I'm doing pages for Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd, and only the first ten episodes are subbed online. The visual storytelling is excellent, but sometimes I feel like I'm just missing too much exposition.


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