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March 1, 2014
  • I live in a caste alongside 3 other knights.
  • My occupation is making "Beefy" Sandwiches
  • I am in me mums car, Broom broom!
  • Taryn12348

    Kolobosss has returned!

    November 25, 2014 by Taryn12348

    Alright, I got a message on my wall, ( ) it was Kolobosss, saying he is not banned anymore, even though he was banned forever for trolling, harassing and insulting users and more. What is happening??


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  • Taryn12348

    Kolobosss... Has no ban?

    November 10, 2014 by Taryn12348

    Hi its Taryn, I would like to point something out on Kolobosss user page...

    Yeah, the ban note is NOWHERE to be seen! I have even checked his block log, he has no notes there as well!

    What are we going to do???


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  • Taryn12348

    Koloboss new wiki.

    October 2, 2014 by Taryn12348

    When you saw the title of this blog, you know its about the banned user, user:Kolobosss , well, he made his OWN wiki (called Godzipedia wiki) , When I checked on it, I saw he was the only editor on it, and the people who comment at his wiki don't have accounts (that makes me the first user to comment to him).

    And I decided to post a blog about Koloboss useless wiki.

    What do you guys think, feel free to comment!

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  • Taryn12348


    August 28, 2014 by Taryn12348

    Wow, finally got a new pc, now wit that said, I can catch up to chat. cya at the next update!

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  • Taryn12348

    Hello readers, I have some sad news to show about my computer...                                                     As you know, I haven't been on often, that's because I have a virus on my computer. That virus is "Trojan", Trojan virus comes from spam email sent by people. This virus will attach to a file, then will spread to infect other files. (Now, I am currently using a kindle for internet now.)                           So, sadly I won't be able to go on chat until my pc is fixed, I apologize for your disappointment...     -taryn

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