Hey there dear wiki contributors, today we will talk about designs for a new kaiju in a movie I could make! (sadly right now this is just going to be an idea.It could be produced ten years from now!)

Okay I know what your saying."were are the rules?", well here they are!

RULES (very important!!!!!!)

1. If it sounds to much like a godzilla, gamera or any other kaiju already made by a company then it will have to be discarded, even scrapped kaiju are out!

2.If it's loosely based after one, then I might take it. If your going to suggest the mothra of this world then it of course can not be a spider,moth or mantis.

3. KAIJU ONLY! This means no making human hero's or villan's.

4. please after that last one i know what some of you are thinking, no mutated people or land marks/statues.They can't even be haunted. (no sentient statues)

5. Try to be original with the backstory.yes for those people who didn't know, you need a discription, it's name, its abilities, how big it is(preferably above 90 meters) and of course its backstory. (alien creature, guardian of earth, robot, mutated creature and prehistoric terror are big and original ideas) P.S. these movies are going to be PG-13, so don't make any very gory and bloody parts to your back story, as if the movies do get produced, these will be part of it.

6.HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you really want you can even draw a picture to go along with it! 

That's all for the rules!


1. Kazin

2.Kazin vs Hebimizu! ( Kazin against Hebimizu!)



5. Kazin vs The mold monster! ( Kazin vs fuyodo!)

6. Kazin vs. Okame! 

7.Kazin vs the aquatic terror! ( Kazin vs sharkoschus!)



10.Kazin vs the guardians of earth! (Kazin vs the elements!)





15. Kazin: All Out Monster War! (Kazin: Giant monster convention!)