Hello fellow wiki contributors! With summer on the verge of ending, the new 2016 godzilla movie is right around the corner. So, there has been a bit of conversations talking about the new G's size. It has been confirmed to be the biggest one yet, meaning it will exceed the 108 meters of legendary's godzilla. Now without wasting anymore time, let's get into it.


1.) Of course I do not want people to fight over this. If you see someone who says 200 meters and you think 120, don't fight them. please. just please.

2.) The size can not be bellow 108 meters. This is because, as stated above, this is the biggest godzilla yet.

3.) This is about size only. no posting what you think he will look like in the new movie. Okay?

4.) this most likely goes without saying, but i do not want people commenting the real size of the new guy when the movie is released next year. 

I personally think he will be either 120-150, but I'm not saying that I'm correct or that everyone should think that.

So, what are you doing sitting there in you chair?

Get typing!