Hello once again fellow wiki contributors! Today i've got a new project for you! This may not be as fun as the rest of my blog things. but alas, i have noticed that my new kaiju post is out of its fame, for no one is on it. It at the moment is on the most popular blog posts and its at the top. ANYWAYS,this blog as you most likely know is about new kaiju ability's and hey thanks for listening to my chatter. and the rules are right below us.

RULES ( very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1. no making new kaiju of the one your giving new abilities.

2. Up to 5 ability's can be given to a kaiju.

3. the ability's given can not make them god. no invincibility, no super powerful attack that can one-shot and please no flying. it would be hectic if you saw godzilla take off and fly like super-man. 

4.make sure you know all the ability's of the kaiju your giving them to. no giving mothra flight or gigan chain saw hands.

that's about it, NOW LETS GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!!