Hello my dear friends, today (6/24/2015) we will be running a poll for the most beloved monster. It has to be of Toho property and have an actually published,not just script or scrached movie for it (no gamera, unused godzilla monsters, ultraman or any pacific rim kaiju). We need more answers! So lets get some! 

RULES (very importent!)

1. No voting twice! ( you are also restricted to having : a comment that has more then one kaiju or, a sudden change of heart and posting that.)The reason this is a rule is to not get a monster such as Orga to first place when really it only got 29 votes by separate users. posting unrelated content(no links or questions. not even a conversation!). This is because it can make the poll a conversation area.

3. just the name of the kaiju (If you can't spell it just try)


4 for godzilla

1 for mothra leo

1 for skeleturtle

2 for anguirus

1 for monster x

1 for gabara

1 for space godzilla

2 for king ghidorah