Hello, fellow wiki contributors! Today we will be sharing our thoughts on a godzilla movie you are surprised was never made. I will be telling you why it could not happen and if it could, let's sit there and just like that wonderful idea.

                      (RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!)

1. No adding on to any movie that was already made, such as saying "i would like to give baragon and varan more time in destroy all monsters", because it can be explained. Long story short the baragon suit was being used in another series made by toho and was badly damaged. For varan the suit was a pile of mold!

2. No using unmade films. That will not be excepted here so talk about ghost godzilla somewhere else. But, you can use unmade monsters so if you really want a ghost godzilla film just make sure you have the correct timeline as the legendary series is not the right place to be.

3. Yes, you can make your own era in the series. this is so people who want multiple movies and want them in a continuation of a series don't get frustrated while making them. But you are not allowed to alter any timeline these movies follow. this is important. Although if you want to use the recurring "godzilla never really died" gag used by Toho, it is okay.

4. You can make multiple movies and monsters, it is alright.

So, what are you waiting for? Get typing!