So, today dear wiki contributors, we speak of something that has been around the internet for awhile. 

                                                                          GYPSY VS GOJIRA!

So, Godzilla will be destroying stuff, and gypsy comes ashore to destroy him. The guys at the jeager place are telling gypsy to get out of there. gypsy has no time to run because godzilla has already found it. it is an all out kaiju/jeager smackdown! godzilla biting and slashing bits and pieces off the jeager. gypsy firing off as much conventional weapons as possible, but to no avail. Godzilla blasts gypsy with his atomic ray, taking off one of the robots arms! Gypsy seeing as this seems to be about distanced attacks fires of its energy blaster! The atomic ray leaves a whole in the cheaply remade jeagers chest! the jeager now fearing for its life, fires of its nuclear turbine, the worst mistake the jeager could make, out of the dim light covered in smog, something roars. and then, it glows bright red. and through that very same cloud, a bright red beam comes out and shoots the jeager, blasting off half of it's chest. and then through the light something  comes out, and reveals it's self to be none other then Godzilla, now in his burning state. the last thing the jeager saw, was a reptilian foot dropping from the air.

lease tell me in the comment section if you liked the way i wrote this and if you think that gypsy should have won, but please give me reasoning after, and i don't want to see. "oh well gypsy killed a cat. 5"