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Godzilla Final Wars is a movie that I will never forget. not necessarily because of the film itself (although I do love it,flaws and all) but because of just how excited I was at the very premise of this movie. To this day,NOTHING in my life has excited me more then the build up and anticipation for this film. I think A big part of that was because we were seeing the return of classic Kaiju that I thought for sure we would never see again. (King Ceasar, Anguirus and Gigan just to name a few) Every new piece of footage brought me so much joy as a kid that I remember 2004 being one of the greatest years of my life. 

"So this is Christmas…"

The film also makes me think of Christmas quite a bit. As many of the advertisements showed off Godzilla in the arctic, and the film was released in japan around that time of year, And in 2005, I Finally got the movie via Sony's DVD release on Christmas day. Because of this, GFW has become a christmas tradition in my household, and I'll gladly watch it alongside holiday classics like Rudolph and Christmas vacation.

The film is by no means perfect. Most of the flaws that critics and G-fans have pointed out are true, but GFW still holds a special place in my heart, and when I watch it today I can't help but go back to a simpler time when it was my all time favourite movie. But enough about that,What do you guys remember about the hype? Were you as excited as I was? Did pictures like the one below get you super hyped? Were you not affected by the hype at all? Talk about it in the comments! 
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