Hey guys, it's me, your friend spino!

i'm on my summer vacation right now, so i figured i make this post.

so as the title says i've changed the story in my projects a lot, and i added some new films:

  • Godzilla: The Wrathful King : i've decided to introduce Godzilla in a "jungle book" kind of story were he was found as a young by kaiju and was raised by them as they were his mentors.
  • Godzilla Age of Exctinction : the replacer of "Godzilla Jr Legends of Destruction", which i sort of canceled but i will use the concept of it in the next film. so the story in "Godzilla Age of Exctinction" is about an adult Godzilla, unrelated to the previous one, that has awoken and started looking for his own kind. and then he found his son. but in 1990, the aliens Mephilas and Yapool (from Ultraman and Ultraman Ace) invaded earth and created an army of mutant monsters. but could a single fully grown Godzilla and his son take on that army?
  • Godzilla the wrath of Ghidorah : in this film, i kept the plot as it is, but i'm also adding SKELETURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's it for Godzilla projects. 

and let's move onto the other projects i have:

  • Terry's Island: Dinosaur War : an original kaiju/dinosaur movie by me. it is about Terry , a giant mutated tyrannosaurus who lives in an island with his fellow dinosaurs. However, the evil hybrid dinosaur, Ruddy, teams up with Ururu (the villain from Dinosaur War Izenborg) and now is heading toward Terry's island. and it's up to terry and his allies to defeat them. This project (along with the other ones) takes place between Godzilla the Wrathful King and Age of Exctinction, as they share the same universe. 
  • The Monster Prince : a remake to the 1968 kaiju series of the same name. a giant apatosaurs (who is a blood relative of arlo from The Good Dinosaur) is going on a journay to discover "if there's anything on this world".
  • Leviathan vs Behemoth: a film me and my good friend slenderzilla015 are making. it is an original story about kaiju based on bibical descriptions.

So those are the projects i'm making. if you have anything just fire it in the comments. hope you all a great weekend, and i'm here, always.