Godzilla Jr Legends of Destruction: a big problem

Hello there!

i have a question for you guys.

if you remember in my first blog, i stated that i'm making a series with Godzilla Jr.

however, i have some problems regarding the continuity, certain monsters that are hard to introduce into the show and the elements taken from IDW comics.

so, which of the following ideas you think would work the best and why: 

  1. have this series in an alternative continuity that connects the two Kiryu films into the Heisei series, as well as adding all the Showa films into the 50's-70's of this timeline, then season one will be based on GFW and Godzilla:Ongoing, so season two will be based on Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.
  2. having the series as a direct sequel only to the Heisei series, with only one season, and then i'll have my other film project, Godzilla: the Wrath of Ghidorah , based on Godzilla, Rulers of Earth.

so which idea is the best? explain why.

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