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  • Spinocroc123

    Spinocroc wkia!

    July 24, 2016 by Spinocroc123

    Hey guys!

    today i created a wikia that expans my fan projects and my youtube channel, as well as explaining some other stuff too.

    so if anyone wants to help me improve it and make it better, here's the link: 

    i'm working on some articles right now, so if you wanna joing then do so!

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  • Spinocroc123

    Is this true?

    July 14, 2016 by Spinocroc123

    is this correct?

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  • Spinocroc123

    Hey guys, it's me, your friend spino!

    i'm on my summer vacation right now, so i figured i make this post.

    so as the title says i've changed the story in my projects a lot, and i added some new films:

    • Godzilla: The Wrathful King : i've decided to introduce Godzilla in a "jungle book" kind of story were he was found as a young by kaiju and was raised by them as they were his mentors.
    • Godzilla Age of Exctinction : the replacer of "Godzilla Jr Legends of Destruction", which i sort of canceled but i will use the concept of it in the next film. so the story in "Godzilla Age of Exctinction" is about an adult Godzilla, unrelated to the previous one, that has awoken and started looking for his own kind. and then he found his son. but in 1990, the alien…
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  • Spinocroc123


    March 3, 2016 by Spinocroc123

    Hey guys.

    i haven't been active for a while. 

    and that's because of school, and my film projects and just life in general. 

    so from now on i'll be active on weekends (which in my country are between Thursday and Saturday). 

    i'm also looking now for some jurassic park dinosaur toys (from kenner's line) so if you guys own some of them (even just one) and you don't want them anymore or you've found a place that still sells them (not ebay) message me on my wall. 

    but hey, that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY, thanks for reading!

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  • Spinocroc123

    Big News

    November 17, 2015 by Spinocroc123

    Hello guys! it spinocroc here for an update!

    Now, for those who read my previous blogs, then you must remember my Godzilla projects, but now, i have my plans changed:

    now, instead of a having each project as a sequel to an existing era, i'l have all of them in a single reboot continuity.


    Godzilla The Wrathful King  (a project scrapped by King Asylus, creator of SMBHOTS, the GXK trilogy and Super Godzilla who gave me the rights for this film) will be a reboot of the beggining of the Showa series but in a completely different universe were Dinosaurs never got extincted and instead kept evolving and cross-breeding, and that's how kaiju evolved on earth, at least in that universe. then, a sequel called Godzilla Jr Legends of Destruction  which…

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