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    At the time of posting this blog/editorial, I have not watched Godzilla Resurgence but I have heard things about it. The thing in particular is that it had good Human Characters, which...when I really stop and think about not something you hear often in Godzilla movies.

    Also before I start, people, this is just my opinion, that doesn't mean I'm giving it as gospel, I'm giving it as my opinion. Let us begin.

    Now let's, for the most part, forget about the Showa Era, I think we can all, or at least most of us, agree that the only good human characters were in the First Movie. The characters in the other movies, suffer from increasing amounts of Camp.

    I'm talking about the Heisei Human Characters and why most people don't really count mos…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, I was watching Gojifan93's video about his top five desires for Godzilla 2/2018 and the discussion in the comment section had me thinking about another Godzilla Video.

    This : From the Alternatehistoryhub, 'What if Godzilla was Real?" (Word of warning, don't read the comment section, it may tick off some of the more die hard G fans, I know it irked me to high heaven). It had me thinking about the kind of stories I would like to see done for Godzilla, it doesn't have to be film, it could be comic book or even book. I would just like to see these stories done. So as I give a few of my own personal choice, I would like to ask you G-Fans, what stories would you like to see done for Godzilla, or what giant monster movies would you like …

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, SolZen here, some of you may know me from Ultraman Wiki. There I have written several blog posts editorial, talking about something about the Ultra Series that bothered and/or interested me. Here on Wikizilla I want to talk about something that really has me miffed. In case you didn't get it from the title, I take issue with haters of the 2014 film calling that incarnation of Godzilla weak. I have heard their arguments and honestly they don't really hold a light. People are such little brats sometimes, hating on the new film, not because it's bad, but because it's not what they want, so they automatically label it as junk, which is utterly childish. In the future if you find anyone on the internet calling him weak, just give them…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, so recently I watched a video on Youtube called: If Godzilla was Real. It pretty much talked about the real world reaction if Godzilla actually existed. Now I want to ask and hopefully answer some of my own questions that his video raised or made me remember. If you want go check out the video it's rather interesting and rather plausible in my opinion and I think it's funny it seems to hit the nail on some of the things in the movies.

    The first big question, how would a creature like Godzilla survive, now we know Godzilla is the remnants of the Dinosaurs, a species that evolved from the survivors of the great cataclysm that survived by going underwater. From what I gather from the trailers of the new movie 2014 and info on the toy…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, the names SolZen, I'm an Admin over on the UItraman Wiki but I'm also a Godzilla fan (actually I was a Godzilla Fan before I was an Ultraman Fan now that I think about...) Now many of you may have heard of the game Minecraft, that game with the blocks and mining (hence the name). Now some of you may or may not know but there is a Godzilla mod for Minecraft right. At the time of this posting they have the Big G himself, Kiryu and King Ghidorah and they have plans for Mothra, Baragon and Burning Godzilla. For more info go here.

    Now despite what the name says, I don't actually have a problem with the mod, I think its wonderful, Godzilla is rivals the King as the strongest mob in the game, (Mob is a term for NPC, villagers, animals an…

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