I personally want to see other monstrosities (or even other Godzillas) born from Godzilla's cells who then either fight or team up with Godzilla.  I personally want to see "shin" versions (I personally want to see the last seven on the list more than the first eight) of:

  • Anguirus.
  • Rodan.
  • Varan.
  • Manda.
  • Baragon.
  • Gorosaurus.
  • Titanosaurus.
  • Maybe Zilla (take that with a pinch of salt).
  • Hedorah.
  • Shockirus.
  • Biollante.
  • Destoroyah (along with all of its forms).
  • Dagahra (along with those parasitic starfish things).
  • Orga (as well as the millenian).
  • Sanda/Gaira (with Godzilla-like traits to coincide with Shin Godzilla's ending).

They could be creatures spawned from stray cells from Godzilla's attack (re-writing their origins).  They could either team up with Godzilla since they are the same species, or they could fight for dominance.  These are just my thoughts, what are yours?