The Godzilla movies franchise have been fame for awesome monsters and lots of actions and explosions for a very long time, however, the main concentration on monster actions and low concentration on script writting and characters building are the two biggest let down in the entire franchise.

The first one is the script writting, the monster action sequenceses are well done, however their characteristic and personality are not been care about well enough for the past decades only that they are randomly appearing in this and that movies which make me feels like they are still strangers even though they are very famous among fans. The Big G is needing a very huge make over on script writting and story telling, the franchise could learn alot from the MGS video game series, since Metal Gear Solid have always been held as the best game with best script and story lines ever! The Godzilla movies are in dire need for a movie that tires certain past titles in a throrough story line that finally shape the characteristic of the famous monsters, with unpredictable twists and turns that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.