During the years we have seen Godzilla destroying buildings, killing people and killing other kaijus. But he also has enemies which some of them were easy, complicated and very hard to kill!

So here's a Top 5 Most powerful Godzilla villains in my opinion

5. MechaGodzilla 2 AKA Super MechaGodzilla

Being the deadliest MechaGodzilla ever created he takes up in number 5 for reasons... MechaGodzilla 2 has a very durable and resistent armor, (NT-1) Has tons of weaponary especially against kaijus, Killed easily Rodan and he almost killed Godzilla!

4. Destroyah

A very powerful mutant kaiju that is in number 4... Super resistent, Can fly very fast, Uses horn to cut everything, killed Godzilla Jr, Very big, Hard to kill and almost killed Godzilla

3. Bagan

We have an ancient super kaiju that is not very known to some Godzilla fans... Bagan has a lot of forms but the most powerful Bagan that exists is from Super Godzilla, Bagan has a very high physical strengh and durability, A force field, Extremely powerful at his powers, SO big and Bagan was so powerful that Godzilla need to transform to Super Godzilla to defeat Bagan.

2. SpaceGodzilla

This mutant space kaiju was before the most powerful and deadliest Godzilla villains of all time! This kaiju has tons of powers and abilities... He can create a force field, Absorb artificial or natural electricity, create his own crystals to be more powerful, Very inteligent, Can fly, Uses telekinesis, Can create his own kaijus by using his crystals, conquist planets, Use his crystals as missiles and more crazy powers!

1. Kaizer Ghidorah AKA Monster X

After the Heisei Era we always wanted to see a much more powerful Godzilla foe, Kaizer Ghidorah is the answer... Extremely powerful, Extreme strengh and durability, Can fly, almost killed Godzilla and TOHO confirmed as the most powerful Godzilla villain ever!