A legendary movie.

This is my opinion of The kaiju Universe.

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Hmm, let's see, what can I say about Godzilla that can justify the series... How about, that it is one of if not the most famous monster movie franchises of all time and has captivated a global audience and is practically the forefather of an entire genre.

One thing that bothers me though, is the lack of continuity between the movies. as stated in countless talk pages is that there are bits of missing information that can confuse the viewer. Such is the case with every installment of the Mellenium series, exept maybe Tokyo S.O.S. Each series started fresh ignoring every detail inbetween. How did Godzilla end up with so many enemies in Final Wars if he was trapped in ice since the first, or at lest second movie?

The movies were great in some ways and terrible in others. But overall, why would we watch them if we didn't like them?


Yongary II

"Blue indeed"

South Korea followed also with Yongarry, a blue lizard with a horn on it's head.This Creature though, has never apeared in more than one movie, not counting Reptilian from the early ninetees.

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