Here In France , Godzilla movies are extremley hard to find. It's the case for most of europe. In the UK the only Godzilla movies I can manage to find on Ebay are old VHS releases although they have recently released the original Gojira and King Kong Vs Godzilla. In France they released about 6 or 7 of them on DVD back in 2004 as combo packs according to my knowledge. I managed to get a few by some freak luck : Godzilla Final Wars , Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla. That was it. As for Godzilla 2014 which was released worldwide (obviously) I think thanks to it I managed to get the original Japanese Gojira.                                                                                     Yesterday I was going through a selection of Blu Rays at  a local Supermarket and I couldn't believe my eyes....                                  

So basically I've seen the original Gojira and Godzilla King Of The Monsters quite a few times over the years since I became a Godzilla fan but I've never owned it in away where I could enjoy it by the comfort of my own couch and TV. 

I watched the BluRay and to be honest I was kinda puzzled on the screen ratio. It looked a little squished , even for a 61 Year old movie. After I watched it TWICE ! I slipped in the DVD version and to my surprise was far superior to the Blu Ray. The DVD version has a faster pace , the music is slightly speedup and the screen ratio is much bigger than the BluRay. And to be honest it looks better quality overall.

For the Bonus features you get the sequel to the original Gojira in it's full length (Godzilla Raids Again), a few Trailers from Godzilla movies of the 60s and a couple from the 70s. And Some artwork.No documentary or Commentary regarding the films which is kinda disappointing but hey! at least I own the movie. The 52 Page booklet is a real treat too.

The first time I watched the movie I was about 13 years old and to be honest I never cared for the plot I just was facinated by it's effects. As I watch it now with a mature point of view I realise how powerful it is. It's really GOLD! It's an amazing masterpiece of cinema which should be viewed countless times by all film buffs! Godzilla fan or not.