• Ninjas on Fire

    Just gonna say this

    August 13, 2014 by Ninjas on Fire

    I'm gonna be rather inactive in chat for about a month, I will be in-and-out, but only early in the morning and late at night, for me that is which is The Central Time Zone, if you must really contact me for some reason, use these sites to contact me Steam, the 3rd most urgent I will when I get around to it, which is rather quick, my name for the time being is KingReese, the least urgent is deviantart, which I can give you a direct link to click this. my two most urgent are through Google+/google hangouts this link and my skype, which I very rarely let people use, so you must tell me who you are and then I will judge if I let you add me, my name is my Mircosoft Live account, live:daikaijux or DaiKaiju. in the time between then, Keizer …

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  • Ninjas on Fire


    August 2, 2014 by Ninjas on Fire

    Turns out, wikia chat isn't working nearly wikia-wide, from what I've read at Community Central, it might take till Monday for it to be back.

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  • Ninjas on Fire

    Naming errors

    June 19, 2014 by Ninjas on Fire

    I'm just gonna say this as simply as i can, Characters Like Zone Fighter and Godman aren't Kaiju, I don't know the exact term, but they're Aliens, not Kaiju, Not Alien Kaiju, Aliens

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