It begins when a plane with the beatles on it is being attacked by an Xilien saucer the beatles manage to parachute out before the plane exploded in a ball of fire as they soon land on a mysterious island wondering what to do.OPENING CREDIT ROLL.Ringo checks a map while Paul and George try to start a fire John then gets out his guitar and says "come on guys cheer up we have been though worse!"Paul shoots him a look and John replies"Ok so maybe this is the worst."Ringo excailms"Ah seems to me that we are in the repulic of monster island!""What give me that!"Paul shouts.George says"Come guys we will never survive if we are at eatch other's thorats!" "He's right maybe a song can help us!"THEY SING HELP.SCENE SHIFTS TO GODZILLA'S HOUSE.(rodan and anguruis are playing godzilla's ps2)"Hey did you here a plane carring the beatles exploded?"said godzilla"Are they ok?"spacegodzilla replied"Bad news the're presumed dead.""WHAT!?""Hey the plane blew up over the island maybe we sholud survey the wreckage." "ok where is it?" "At the beach." "ok let me call spacegodzilla and see if he wants to come." A FEW MINUETS LATER."wow what could have caused so much damage?" "hey look a fire looks like there might be survivers!""and foot steps leading up toward the lake!" they follow the footsteps to the lake and see John and Paul trying to fish"jeez john couldn't you try getting an easier job." "hey at least we caught something." holds up a minnow"OMG OMG it's john and paul" Rodan screams like a girl and scares them away "nice going rodan!"soon spacegodzilla and anguruis found Ringo and George at first they think spacegodzilla and anguruis are going to eat them so they hit them over their heads with thier band equitment"Guys WTF!?""Hey look ringo they can talk in english!""soon john and paul come with godzilla and rodan and after a test of skills they chose who is going to be thier appertice.