The Creatures of Skull Island and other related topics

I've been doing alot of searching online to find out just how big Vastatosaurus Rex is in Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong, but I never bothered to try and look at the beasts themselves alongside humans... this is what I'm doing now. Once a day, I'm going to add one creature from the film to this page with it's true size. The first is being added today, on May 14 2014 I might add a few more though, just in case.

Foetodon (The giant Komodo Dragon): 4-5 feet tall (1.2-1.5 meters) / 15-25 feet long (about 5-8 meters)

Foetodon (Estimated weight): 1000 pounds up to over 1 ton (2000+ pounds)

Piranhadon (the flesh-eating oarfish): 4-5 feet long (Skull) / 28-35 feet long (skull & tail/total length=skullX7)

Piranhadon (Estimated Weight): about 1-3 tons, depending on what the body is made of and if the monster has bones or cartilage

Terapusmordax (the Flying Rat): 3-4 feet long / 8-10 feet wide (wingspan) / 1-4 feet tall (depending on film)

Terapusmordax (Estimated Weight): Depending on weither or not it's like a bird (with hollow bones) or a mammal (solid bones) 45-130 pounds

Venatosaurus (The Megaraptor): Coming Soon

Venatosaurus (Estimated Weight): Coming Soon

Aciedactylus (The Little Al): Coming Soon

Aciedactylus (Estimated Weight): Coming Soon

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