I've been doing alot of searching online to find out just how big Vastatosaurus Rex is in Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong, but I never bothered to try and look at the beasts themselves alongside humans... this is what I'm doing now. Once a day, I'm going to add one creature from the film to this page with it's true size. The first is being added today, on May 14 2014 I might add a few more though, just in case.

Foetodon (The giant Komodo Dragon): 4-5 feet tall (1.2-1.5 meters) / 15-25 feet long (about 5-8 meters)

Foetodon (Estimated weight): 1000 pounds up to over 1 ton (2000+ pounds)

Piranhadon (the flesh-eating oarfish): 4-5 feet long (Skull) / 28-35 feet long (skull & tail/total length=skullX7)

Piranhadon (Estimated Weight): about 1-3 tons, depending on what the body is made of and if the monster has bones or cartilage

Terapusmordax (the Flying Rat): 3-4 feet long / 8-10 feet wide (wingspan) / 1-4 feet tall (depending on film)

Terapusmordax (Estimated Weight): Depending on weither or not it's like a bird (with hollow bones) or a mammal (solid bones) 45-130 pounds

Venatosaurus (The Megaraptor): Coming Soon

Venatosaurus (Estimated Weight): Coming Soon

Aciedactylus (The Little Al): Coming Soon

Aciedactylus (Estimated Weight): Coming Soon