I was searching online for some size comparisons and full body designs of the creatures, things like drawings, film stills, and concept art. Then I found a very interesting image, The cover of the Godzilla movie itself is the same as the posters and ads at theaters. It shows Godzilla in the poster, arriving onto the shore and starting to travel inland through the city. What caught my eye were the pictures that had replaced his original cover image.

The new pictures were silhouettes of a Side-View Godzilla, three of them in fact, and each was a different size. As it turns out, this image was showing how big godzilla would be if he was any of the 3 main scales.

(Over 100 meters, 150 meters & 200 meters up)

Here's where things get interesting.

In the film (on it's final scene), Godzilla is seen walking back out to the shore, and eventually the ocean. While he's walking though, you see that many of the buildings around him are either the same height or less.

Take note that Godzilla is standing at his tallest, atleast, according to the design, art, models, and film itself.

Someone took these shoreline buildings and measured them to find out...

Finally, finally FINALLY!

Finally.... the exact height of Legendary Godzilla to the nearest Meter.

This same building that Godzilla is standing next to in the poster, and that he's walking past in the film, is 237 meters tall.

Making the Official, Real World, Mathematically Accurate Legendary Godzilla 777.559 meters tall!!!

At Last, My Work on this topic is Done...

Thanks for reading, There's plenty more to come, and as always... ENJOY

Wishing the rest of you luck - Naku "Cold" MUn