My Final Conclusions (In Terms of Scale, atleast I hope it's last)

Same day as the last one, DOUBLE BLOG!!!

This is probably going to be the final blog post on Godzilla 2014's scale, if not one of a few more finals. In this, I will cover every Official Scale, every "Stated" Official Scale, and some extras... Get Comfortable.

Official Movie (Legendary Pictures & Warner Bros.)

Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male): up to 200 feet tall (50-60 meters) / (Aircraft required scale wingspan) Below

Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male) Continued: around 400 feet long, 560 feet long (outstreached), 1120 feet wide

Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male) Final: 121.9 meters long, 170.6 meters long (outstreached), 341.3 meters wide

Weight: 7-20 or so Kilotons

Femuto (8-Legged Female): 300-305 feet tall (91.4-92.9 meters) / 80-100 feet long (21.3-30.4 meters)

Femuto (8-Legged Female) Continued (Final): between 40-80 Kilotons

Gojira (Legendary): 350-355 feet tall (106.6-108.2 meters)

Gojira (Legendary) Continued: between 500-1000 feet long (152.4-304.8 meters)

Gojira (Legendary) Final: 90 Kilotons

Minimum Scale (Official Real World Size)

Hokkaito Muto: 385.8 feet tall (117.59 meters) / between 771.75-1000 feet long (235.2-304.8 meters)

Hokkaito Muto (Final): between 1543.5-2000 feet wide (470.45-609.6 meters) / 13.5-38.58 Kilotons

Femuto: 464.5 feet tall (141.5 meters) / 123.8-139.35 feet long (37.7-42.47 meters)

Femuto Final: about 100 Kilotons

Gojira: 514.5 feet tall (156.8 meters) / up to 720.3-1029 feet long (219.54-313.6 meters)

Gojira Final: Between 95-100 Kilotons

Maximum Scale (Official Real World Siz)

Hokkaito Muto: 500-525 feet tall (152.4-160 meters) / 1000-1150 feet long (304.8-350.52 meters)

Hokkaito Muto Final: 2000-2300 feet wide (609.6-701 meters) / 17.5-52.5 Kilotons

Femuto: 650 feet tall (198.12 meters) / 173.3-195 feet long (52.82-59.436 meters)

Femuto Final: about 100-130 Kilotons or more

Gojira: 700 feet tall (213.36 meters) / 1050-1400 feet long (320-426.72 meters)

Gojira Final: Up to 170.688 Kilotons


(Muto Larva have a scale size of 1/6 to 1/4 height & 1/4 to 1/3 length of their adult forms.)

Hokkaito Muto Larva: (Film) 50X133.3 ft. (Min.) 96.45X257.25 ft. (Max.) 131.25X333.3 ft.

Femuto Larva: (Film) 76.25X25 ft. (Min.) 125X45 ft. (Max.) 162.5X65 ft.

Talaghan/Vinshu/Fallen: 32.8-196.85 feet tall (10-60 meters) / 328-1968.5 feet long (100-600 meters)

Thanks for reading, plenty more to come, and ENJOY (please?)

Naku "Cold" Mun

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