We all know about the two major types of mutos that have been confirmed in the upcoming movie (screening next week on Friday), There's the Winged-Mutos, roughly the length of godzilla but a bit shorter, and the 8-Legged Mutos, Dwarfed by godzilla and eater of trains. However, I have reason to believe that a third M.U.T.O is lurking somewhere behind that green screen,

Don't hate on me for not knowing which is which yet, but I've recently seen a leaked photo on google images that displayed a MASSIVE 8-Legged M.U.T.O about to fight Godzilla, I think that this mutos is actually supposed to be Hokmuto. If this ends up being wrong, I won't see why, what good does naming your monsters do if you only give the most insignificant one something like Hokmuto, it's just rediculous.

Don't think I forgot about size, here it is: As some of you may know, if you've ever read my blog posts (especially Titanollante sorry for spelling) then you know that I've recently gotten VERY close to pinpointing Godzilla's true scale, between 150 and 213.36 meters (or 500 to 700 feet tall). If the King from Smash3 is the same as the offspring of Legendary, then we can compare the photo and find out just how large Hokmuto really is!

In the still, Hok seems to be looking up at Godzilla, so obviously I'm going to calculate the height of a smaller monster, putting the sprites together, I found that Godzilla has at least a head and half a neck above this M.U.T.O, that's about 1.5/6 of his total body height. Doing a little math... (500 divided by 6 times 4.5) and then (700 Divided by 6 times 4.5). Here is the conclusion

Hokmuto stands between 375 feet and 525 feet tall, or 114.3 to 160.2 meters tall

Thanks, and as always, ENJOY

Naku "Cold" Mun