Ever since I was in South Dakota (at around 5-7 years old), I've had this one movie that I loved as much as Pokemon Fans and their films. Digimon Adventure ((Movie) Duh), this show was my childhood, and I even still revisit it on occasion.

First off, for those of you who have never heard of Digimon, here's a "breif" explanation of the universe.

Digimon are creatures that live in their own united planet, this world can be reached most commonly through the net/web, thus is nicknamed the Digital World. The Inhabitants, known fully as Digital Monsters, are an ever expanding race of individual species/sub-species and so on. Digimon are usually born in an egg, this egg takes only a very short time to hatch (and depending on where the egg is after hatching, they can be feral or docile).

The #1 main thing you need to know about everyday life as a Digimon, is that all Monsters can grow and in a way "evolve" to face their climate, predators, ex., as well as to survive. This process of Digimon moving through their stages is called, Digivolution (Digivolving), when a Monster Digivolves, it earns a new title, rank, and set of abilities to help them on their way.

An example of Digivolution is this: The Rookie Level Agumon, a 3-4 fingered, Allosaur-like reptilian, can Digivolve to become a much larger Ceratosaur, Greymon.

Some Digimon pass through into our world as eggs, and usually imprint on the nearest inhabitants. However, Digimon do indeed have their own thoughts and feelings. So one will leave their partner (Trainer/Master) if they are not treated properly.

There are plenty of cases where Feral Digimon pass into our world as well, immediately causing mass destruction and wrecking havoc on innocent lives.

(One Last Thing) Digimon can also trigger their Digivolution without any special requirements. For instance, Digivolving will most likely occur if a Monster is being severely injured during battle. (Agumon first became Greymo, a Champion Level Monster, when fighting a territorial Parrotmon. a highway fell on it from above, triggering a life saving transformation. This, as a result, leveled out the battle.)

Other than DigiVOLVING, Monsters can rest and regain their strength by Degenerating. Degeneration can only be used by Digimon above the Rookie Level = Champion, Ultimate & Mega. When the said Monster degenerates, it switches back to it's Rookie Level form.

(Final Example) Greymon <Champion>, Metal Greymon <Ultimate> & War Greymon <Mega> can all Degenerate into Agumon.

Now that the main backsotry is covered, I can finally get on with the news.

I have my first Original Fan Character! You may find this Digimon in the Official Wikia (Links will be somewhere) where it tells you the Name and Size of the Monster and it's forms (Ranks/Levels)

Thanks for reading, there will be plenty more to come, and as always...


Naku "Cold" Mun