I've recently been looking over the LegendaryGoji Article as well as plenty of images online from the movie it'self, here's what I found.

The Official (Confirmed) Descriptions of Godzilla in his newest movie are, in majority, about his scale. If Godzilla stands 355 feet tall, approximately 100 (or so) feet long without a tail, and about 700-800 feet long total, then his hands are MUCH less than 1/10 or more of his total body height.

The Official size of Godzilla's Palms (take off the fingers) are 34.3 feet tall.

Judging by the pictures, Godzilla's palms are between 1/15 and 1/20 his total height.

After the short break to finish this math, I came up with yet another estimated height range, the closest I've done yet.

Godzilla's Minimum height (with 1/15 palm scale): 514.5 feet tall / (tail length) 771.75 feet long /

(Total) around 900-1000 feet long / (literal length) about 943.25 feet long

Godzilla's Maximum Height (with 1/20 palm scale): 686 feet tall / (tail length) 1029 feet long / 

(Total) around 1000-1300 feet long / (literal length) 1257.6 feet long

Thanks For Reading, There's Always More To Come, And Of Course, ENJOY

Naku "Cold" Mun