I Got More Evidence (Finally) To Support My Claim For Godzilla 2014!

I've recently been looking over the LegendaryGoji Article as well as plenty of images online from the movie it'self, here's what I found.

The Official (Confirmed) Descriptions of Godzilla in his newest movie are, in majority, about his scale. If Godzilla stands 355 feet tall, approximately 100 (or so) feet long without a tail, and about 700-800 feet long total, then his hands are MUCH less than 1/10 or more of his total body height.

The Official size of Godzilla's Palms (take off the fingers) are 34.3 feet tall.

Judging by the pictures, Godzilla's palms are between 1/15 and 1/20 his total height.

After the short break to finish this math, I came up with yet another estimated height range, the closest I've done yet.

Godzilla's Minimum height (with 1/15 palm scale): 514.5 feet tall / (tail length) 771.75 feet long /

(Total) around 900-1000 feet long / (literal length) about 943.25 feet long

Godzilla's Maximum Height (with 1/20 palm scale): 686 feet tall / (tail length) 1029 feet long / 

(Total) around 1000-1300 feet long / (literal length) 1257.6 feet long

Thanks For Reading, There's Always More To Come, And Of Course, ENJOY

Naku "Cold" Mun