How Big are the Mutos? V2 UPDATE

Due to recent photo evidence, I've seen that the Muto I've predicted are EXTREMELY off, as it turns out, these creatures are composed almost entirely of metal, and have a good variety of subspecies... The crawling Mutos are long, snake-like monsters with short legs and a hooked beak. I've been trying to compare the man to this one but it's pretty hard, they're very unpredictable. But I always to my very damn best so I'm gonna give us the closes guess I can. HERE WE GO.

Crawling Muto: may be 10 to 15 meters long (quite possibly could reach 30m.), 7.41 or 9.17 meters tall

Bird-like Flying Muto: could reach lengths of 20 meters or so, Wingspan= 50 meters +, stands low, 5 to 7 meters tall

Insectoid Flying Muto: from what I've seen this is a special type of abomination, below are the guesses...

A whopping 350 meters long or more, depending on Godzilla, Wingspan= 400 meters at least, about 500 or so.

Being a bug, it can't have any height advantages... I guess 18 to 27.3 meters tall

And those are my thoughts! I hope you enjoyed and I'll be checking on your comments soon, Thanks!

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