Due to recent photo evidence, I've seen that the Muto I've predicted are EXTREMELY off, as it turns out, these creatures are composed almost entirely of metal, and have a good variety of subspecies... The crawling Mutos are long, snake-like monsters with short legs and a hooked beak. I've been trying to compare the man to this one but it's pretty hard, they're very unpredictable. But I always to my very damn best so I'm gonna give us the closes guess I can. HERE WE GO.

Crawling Muto: may be 10 to 15 meters long (quite possibly could reach 30m.), 7.41 or 9.17 meters tall

Bird-like Flying Muto: could reach lengths of 20 meters or so, Wingspan= 50 meters +, stands low, 5 to 7 meters tall

Insectoid Flying Muto: from what I've seen this is a special type of abomination, below are the guesses...

A whopping 350 meters long or more, depending on Godzilla, Wingspan= 400 meters at least, about 500 or so.

Being a bug, it can't have any height advantages... I guess 18 to 27.3 meters tall

And those are my thoughts! I hope you enjoyed and I'll be checking on your comments soon, Thanks!